Intergenerational Inspiration

Old Skool: youth culture for the elderly

In 2015, the Old Skool project introduced a large group of senior citizens to cultural forms that are popular among young people: hip hop, dance, music and graffiti.

After an introductory phase, elderly residents and residents of nursing homes could participate in various workshop series. For example, in the music workshops they worked on a rap, they learned various urban dance styles in the dance workshops and in the street art workshops they dealt with a community space or the public space in the neighborhood. This all happened under the guidance of young urban artists.

In this way, the elderly were not only challenged to be active, but also a cross-fertilization of knowledge, experience and talent from different generations.

Old Skool is organized by foundation 52 and cultural project agency Mad Skills. It was intended for seniors from Eindhoven and surroundings.

Watch the video about the experiences and results.

Old Skool is made possible, among other things, by the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie (FCP).