Agenda and news

Next partnermeeting
will be organised in Vienna (Austria) from 22th – 23th May 2019.

National Conferences
Each partner organises in April or May 2019 a national conference, in which the aim is to disseminate the key outcome of the Bridgingproject to the main target groups. The projects’ methodologies and main results will be presented by the project team, guest speakers will be invited to deliver talks on core issues and reviews of the project.

April 1, National Conference Denmark. For information: Bente von Schindel –

April 6 and 16, National Conferences The Netherlands. For information: Hans Noijens –

April 11, National Conference Poland. For information: Agnieszka Dadak –

April 16, National Conference of Slovenia. For information: Jan Pirnat –

April 24, National Conference Latvia. For information: Aira Andriksone –

May 2, National Conference United Kingdom. For information: Damien McGlynn –

May 8 and May 24, National Conference Austria. For information: Aron Weigl –