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Next partnermeeting
will be organised in Vienna (Austria) from 22th – 23th May 2019.

National Pilot courses Bridging Social Capital

In the frame of the project we developed pilot courses in all seven partner countries for learning facilitators in amateur art and voluntary cultural associations working on a part-time or full-time basis, paid or voluntary, including directors, managers, board members, consultants, counsellors, and other management staff as well as teachers, instructors and other pedagogical staff. Due to the idea of the project, courses will focus on the five different contexts: inter-social, inter-regional, inter-cultural, inter-generational and inter-European.

The course will be based on participatory and activity-based methods, integrating theory and shared experience. There will be a blend of short concise lectures, plenary discussions, workshops on case studies, pair work and individual learning. Short presentations on the topic prepared by participants themselves will be part of the course.

The course took place at 30 October in Luznava Manor. For information:  Aira Andriksone –

The course took place at Saturday 27 October and Saturday 3 November. For information: Jan Pirnat –

The course took place 24-25 October in Hoorn. For information: Hans Noijens –

The course took place 23 October at Stand 129, Viktor-Adler-Markt, 1010 Vienna. For information: Aron Weigl –

The course took place Friday, 21 September and Saturday, 22 September at the Askov Folk High School. For information: Bente von Schindel –

For information: Agnieszka Dadak –

United Kingdom
For information: Damien McGlynn –