In a few documents we provide essential desk research on new culture policy trends in EU and the member states as well as new research results and perspectives with relevance for the issue of bridging social capital.

In this document an overview is presented of cultural policies trends in the European Union. For each member-state, it presents an insight of the national cultural policy next to an overview of the amateur arts policies.

The document also shows an overview of the European Union general policies for amateur arts. It should be noted that the policies trends can rapidly change depending on the political movements in the given countries; consequently these results might not be up to date, they only give a general overview.

This article is about “changes of the Nordic culture model”, which gives an overview of the changes in the culture policy since the 60s in Denmark especially, but also for the other Nordic countries that to a high degree follows the same path.

This last document provides insight into the new cultural agenda of the EU, which was adopted in May 2018. The European Commission intend with this agenda to present current strategic objectives and concrete actions that can help to strengthen the European cultural cooperation as a follow-up to the proposal of 14 November 2017 on how education and culture can contribute to cohesion and the feeling of being part of a cultural community in Europe.