Interregional – Work with the conclusions

Work with the conclusions

We hope that the case studies included here have proven to be informative and inspirational in thinking about how you might develop co-creative activities in your own community. The contexts, challenges and people are different in every location, but the many benefits of bridging social capital and the power of creative activities to enable social bonding are common across borders, cultures and languages.

Having shared these projects and approaches, the questions that follow can hopefully help others to consider managing more inclusive creative activities.

  1. Do we need co-creative activities with inter-regional bridging in our community?
  2. What would we like to achieve for our communities through these co-creative activities and inter-regional bridging?
  3. What groups do you think are currently not engaged with your activities or would you class as ‘hard to reach’?
  4. What steps could you take to improve the promotion of these opportunities to increase awareness among target groups?
  5. What could potentially be preventing or discouraging some individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds from participating?
  6. Have you considered the potential financial barriers posed by your:
  7. What people or organisations could you approach for support and advice to make the activity more inclusive?
  8. What else can you provide or facilitate in order to make the activity more welcoming? Food? Transport? Childcare?